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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who would I choose to shoot me? | Western Lights Blog entry

Ok, I know its been ages since I posted an entry in Project 100 but....

I have an excuse, well lots of them actually but you're not really interested in those so lets get onto why you're reading this post....
Angela Scott PhotographyOne of the dilemas we face as photographers is, "If I was to get married, or have a family portrait done - who would I use?"
The photographer I'm highlighting today is one of those I would rank at the top of my list. Angela Scott is a local professional here in Auckland. Her website has one of the most beautiful home pages I've come across in the industry and the breadth of her work throughout her portfolio is amazing to review.
It's kinda strange writing about a competitor, but then again its great to aspire to that level of talent and experience.
What appeals to me about Angela is her natural candid style, and the apparent low level of post shoot editing. She has a great command over the lighting conditions at each location and uses it to her advantage every time.
Its rare to see such consistency across such a wide range of categories, taking into account her range covers weddings through to commercial and some great corporate profiles. I think you'll agree that what seems to come through in Angela's work is her obvious afinitiy with people.
Without wanting you to rush off and book Angela for your next family portrait...... she is worth a look and since we're not a big wedding photography outfit here, Angela Scott is certainly someone I'd recommend.
Keep it up Ange.

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